Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawns

This article considers the variations of artificial lawn products that are now available. If you are looking for information on the benefits of fake grass then please see our article fake grass for garden lawns.

faux grassBudget Artificial Grass

The statistics of budget artificial grass are:

  • Under £5 per square metre
  • Under 10mm pile height
  • Single colour tone of green
  • Short hard wearing surface
  • Not suitable for residential gardens
  • Not suitable for soft play areas

Many artificial grass suppliers offer a budget product for under £5 per square metre. These cheap prices are available as the quantity of material used in budget artificial grass is minimal – the pile height, representing the height of each blade of grass, is not much more than 10mm. The short hard wearing surface is excellent for some commercial applications or temporary use but it is not suitable for a residential lawn or soft play area.

synthetic grassMid-Range Artificial Grass

The statistics of mid-range artificial grass are:

  • From £12 – £18 per square metre
  • Over 20mm pile height
  • Multiple colour tones of green
  • Soft and realistic lawn surface
  • Suitable for residential gardens
  • Suitable for soft play areas

If you want a low cost artificial lawn, the mid-range artificial grass is for you. With multiple colour tones and a pile height over 20mm, the artificial grass has a realistic look and feel.  Some products have an optional thatch or moss infill for extra realism. The pile height of mid-range grasses is usually variable to provide a very natural appearance as each blade of grass is a different height.

artificial grass samples