Dog Runs

dog runs

Fake grass provides an excellent surface for your dog run. Whether you are looking for a dog-friendly garden lawn or dog kennel flooring, fake grass provides a durable, soft and aesthetically pleasing solution for your canine friends.

Dog Friendly Garden Lawns

dog kennelThe benefits of fake grass for your garden lawn are plentiful. The primary benefit is that you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without the worry of your dog digging up the turf or wearing out the grass by running around. Dogs also love the soft synthetic surface and you won’t have any more muddy footprints in the house. Even if your dog is out in the rain, the fake grass will get wet but dirt and mud will not be a problem. Many people have asked how to remove dog excrement from an artificial lawn – it is the same as natural grass whereby you pick up and dispose of the large pieces. You can rinse away any small pieces of dirt using a hose pipe or a pressure washer.

In addition to all the dog friendly aspects of your artificial lawn, you will also benefit from a low maintenance garden that requires no mowing and no watering. Enjoy a beautiful garden lawn all year round with fake grass.

Fake Grass for Dog Kennels

Dog kennels need a hard wearing surface to cope with the wear and tear of dogs running around. Fake grass is the perfect solution because it is cost effective, looks great, does not wear out, is easy to clean and dogs love the soft surface. Your dog kennel can stand out from other kennels by providing the best flooring solution for dogs with fake grass.

Buy artificial grass online to save on cost or hire a professional artificial grass installation company to give you the best possible result. Most products have at least a three year warranty.

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