Fake grass for garden lawns

Fake grass

Enjoy a lush and beautiful maintenance free garden lawn with fake grass. The popularity of fake grass is soaring thanks to recent manufacturing improvements. The latest fake grass products are known as 3G turf – the third generation of artificial turf is almost incomparable to the original astro turf product invented in 1965.

Save Water and Save Energynomow

Homeowners often buy fake grass to enjoy a perfect lawn all year round. The added benefits of saving water with no sprinklers and saving energy with no lawn mowing make artificial grass an irresistible investment; household utility bills are reduced and the environment benefits too.

Time is saved with very little maintenance required; professional lawn care services are obsolete with a synthetic garden.

Child and Pet Friendly

Gardeners often worry about pets damaging the lawn if they are allowed to run free. Natural grass can be worn away or dug up but artificial grass can resist damage from even the largest of animals. Parents worry about children soiling their clothes by playing on the garden lawn, especially after rainfall with muddy patches. Fake grass is the solution for both pets and children as it is clean and durable.

Fake Grass for Everyone

fake grass lawnsFake grass has a diverse range of applications. These include garden lawns, landscapes, kids play areas, adventure playgrounds, dog runs, cat litters, decking covers, roof gardens, balcony flooring, poolside non-slip flooring, marquee flooring and temporary event flooring. For anyone who enjoys sport in the garden fake grass is also popular for mini football, home putting greens, lawn tennis and cricket wicket. For those who love the outdoors, you can now bring the outdoors inside by using artificial grass as conservatory flooring or indoor carpet.

In addition to many shades of green, artificial turf is available in a wide range of colours including black, red, blue, orange, yellow, pink and white grass. The possibilities are endless! Artificial grass is even used in parrot cages, chicken runs and iguana tanks.

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