Mini Football with Fake Grass

Mini football

Fake grass not only provides a low maintenance, environmentally friendly lawn with no watering and no mowing – it can also be used to play mini football in your back garden. After your artificial lawn is installed, all you need is a football and some goal nets!

The best fake grass for mini football is a premium lawn product with pile height of at least 35mm. If you inform your supplier that you want to play football in your garden, they will recommend the best product option. As you require a higher quality product, the price will be between £20 and £35 per square metre.

Line Markings – White Artificial Turf

You can go the extra mile and make your garden resemble a true football pitch on a miniature scale. To do this, you simply need to purchase some white artificial turf, which will be cut to approximately 5cm wide. This will be seamed to your green artificial turf to create white line markings for your perimeter, goal and centre circle. Although you can perform a DIY artificial turf installation, we recommend that you hire a professional installation company so you can enjoy the highest standard mini football pitch.

3G Football Turf

For playing football in your back garden, most people are very happy with premium residential fake grass. However, for the best possible football surface, you may be interested in buying fake grass designed specifically for football – known as 3G Football Turf.

This product will cost at least double the price of residential fake grass and requires some additional maintenance (such as regular brushing) but the surface will feel and react like a professional football pitch. Not all suppliers of residential fake grass can supply you with 3G Football Turf so you might need to use a specialist supplier such as GreenFields Sports Turf or Edel Grass.

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