Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

Multi use games area

Your school or sports centre can benefit from the installation of one large artificial pitch to cater for multiple sports at the same time. This is achieved using nets or fencing systems to split the pitch into several areas. Line markings are also set out to integrate the layout requirements for each sport. The advantage of using an all weather pitch for multiple sports is the optimisation of space and the reduction of cost. You can now offer hockey, tennis, cricket, netball, basketball and 5-s-side football on the same surface which means year round sport for everyone. The pitch can even be used in the evenings if you choose to install floodlights. Entry and exit gates provide excellent security and can be positioned anywhere on the perimeter.

MUGAs can have a polymeric rubber surface or an artificial turf surface. A MUGA with artificial turf is recommended because that will give the best performance sports surface and is made from recycled materials. See the following articles for details on how artificial turf provides the best performance sports surface:

Artificial Turf

muga pitchIn the past, all weather pitches had a bad reputation due to the hard and abrasive surface. In recent years, new MUGA pitches with 3G artificial turf (third generation) provide a first class sports facility. The soft and impact absorbing 3G artificial turf provides a safe environment for the players. The performance is also excellent as ball roll, speed and bounce on 3G turf are almost identical to a natural turf surface.

It is important to consider what sports you want the Multi Use Games Area to cater for because hockey, tennis and cricket require a very short artificial turf whereas football requires a longer turf. It is still possible to play all sports on the Multi Use Games Area but depending on your requirements, a small compromise in performance may be needed in order to accommodate every sport. For this reason, some schools or sports centres choose to have a separate 3G football pitch; this allows other sports that require a much shorter turf to be played on the MUGA and the football pitch can benefit from the longer 3G artificial turf. Of course, this is a luxury and not a necessity because many MUGAs are designed to include football.

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