Nomow with Artificial Grass


Sell your lawn mower, save the environment and put your feet up with an artificial lawn.

Petrol Lawn Mowers

Swedish research in 2001 discovered that mowing grass for an hour with a petrol powered lawn mower produces approximately the same air pollution as a 100 mile car journey. American studies have revealed an even more startling fact. The US Environmental Protection Agency has stated the 50 million Americans who cut their grass each weekend are responsible for creating five per cent of the countries air pollution. This is due to the inefficiency of small engines that omit a disproportionate volume of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. For this reason, along with the rising price of petrol, many people have switched to electric lawn mowers.

Electric Lawn Mowers

mowingThere is a common misconception that electric lawn mowers are environmentally friendly. This is not necessarily the case because the amount of pollution caused by using an electric mower depends on the power station that supplies the electricity. For example, if your home electricity is supplied by a heavily polluting coal power station then you could be indirectly contributing the same amount of pollution as someone using a petrol mower.

Another disadvantage of most electric mowers is the power lead that must be connected to your mains supply – this power lead restricts the area of mowing activity and is therefore only practical on a small lawn. Furthermore, if you do not have a circuit breaker installed at your home, mowing over the power lead can be lethal. Some models of electric lawn mowers have a chargeable battery that allows you to mow the lawn without a power lead. These mowers will consume the same amount of electricity but are considerably more expensive. Even more expensive are robot lawnmowers.

Manual Cylinder Mower

The cheapest and most environmentally friendly lawn mower is of course the manually powered cylinder mower. This is a great form of exercise and the best way to save energy. Of course, manually mowing the lawn will take a significant amount of time and you must remember to keep the blades sharp. For people who want to save the environment but don’t have the time and energy to use a manual mower there is another solution – artificial grass.

Artificial Grass

To maintain a perfect lawn you need to mow and water regularly (see our article on lawn sprinklers). Now you can enjoy a perfect lawn, save water and save energy with artificial grass. Many artificial grass products are made from recycled materials so your contribution to saving the environment is effectively doubled (see our article on recycled artificial grass). Many people have been discouraged from buying artificial grass because it is not realistic in appearance and has an abrasive surface. Since it was originally invented in 1965, artificial grass has become almost indistinguishable from the natural grass at a distance and is very soft to the touch. Contact us if you would like to receive free artificial grass samples.

Environmental Information

Please note the environmental information in this article was referenced from – Environmental Issues.


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