Synthetic Putting Greens

Synthetic putting greens

Enjoy a putting green in your back garden with fake grass. Your new golf green will be great fun for all the family and bring an extra dimension to your garden. You will also have the opportunity for daily putting practice. Both amateur and professional golfers can benefit from a residential putting green because forty per cent of strokes in an average golf game are made with a putter. Improving your putting skill will therefore significantly reduce your handicap.

Putting Greens with Natural Grass

Golf greens are exceptionally difficult to cultivate and maintain. In order to achieve a quality putting green, consideration must be given to location, soil type, drainage, installation, maintenance schedules and maintenance equipment. A professional consultant for golf course construction should be hired to ensure all requirements are met. The cost of installation along with the time and knowledge required for proper maintenance are too much for most people. The solution is artificial turf.

Putting Greens with Artificial Turf

golf greenA synthetic putting green, also referred to as an artificial putting green, requires almost no maintenance and is much easier to install compared to natural turf. Synthetic putting greens are available in custom or pre-cut shapes and you can choose where the hole is located. For practice greens, many golfers choose to have two or three holes in the green so they can play back and forth whilst enjoying a variation in topology.

A quality synthetic putting green will perform almost identical to natural grass, especially in relation to ball roll and speed. When a shot is played on an artificial green, the reaction of the ball should very closely resemble the reaction of the same shot on natural turf. The most realistic putting greens with artificial turf are non-infill greens.

The fringe on a synthetic putting green is achieved by installing a longer fibre artificial grass around the perimeter. This gives you opportunity for practicing fringe shots and makes your golf green even more visually appealing.

Target Greens with Artificial Turf

Artificial greens with a sand infill are available for long range shots or chipping practice. Artificial greens designed for this purpose are called target greens and are able to absorb much of the impact from a long range shot. This is essential because if the impact is not absorbed (such as on non-infill greens), the golf ball will always bounce off the green and controlling the shot is impossible. It is therefore important to decide if you want a standard putting green (non-infill) or a target green (sand infill). The putting performance of a target green will not match that of a standard putting green but it should still be very realistic.

Your Synthetic Putting Green

Artificial turf will guarantee you a consistent performance throughout the year so you can always have an enjoyable golfing experience in the comfort of your own garden. Contact us today to request more information about synthetic putting greens. Very soon you could be playing on a professional quality green in the comfort of your own home!


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