Recycled Artificial Grass

Recycled artificial grass

Artificial Grass Manufactured from Recycled Materials

fake grass lawnRecycled materials are increasingly being used in the production of artificial grass. For example, some manufacturers are using recycled plastic bottles to create the plastic fibres in artificial grass. Most people dispose 45kg of plastic waste each year and it requires six times this quantity to produce an average artificial lawn.

By choosing a recycled artificial grass product, you could help to save the environment because plastic that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill will be in your garden as a beautiful artificial lawn.

Environmentally Friendly 3G Artificial Turf in Sport

MUGAOn a football or rugby pitch, third generation artificial turf (3G Turf) requires the application of rubber crumb as an infill to support the base. Most rubber crumb is manufactured from recycled car tyres that have been shredded.

One car tyre can be used to make 4kg of rubber crumb and on average it takes 28,500 scrap tyres to produce enough infill to cover a football pitch; 15kg of infill should be applied on each square metre of artificial turf and a full size football pitch is 7,600 square metres. 3G Turf significantly helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.


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