Robot Lawnmowers vs Fake Grass

robot lawnmower

Many people have considered two options for a low maintenance garden – Fake Grass or a Robot Lawn Mower. This article reports on each option.

Robot Lawnmowers

Technology has advanced from manual cylinder mowers to petrol mowers then more recently the electric mower and now finally robot lawnmowers are here. The above image shows the John Deere Tango E5 but this article is about robot mowers in general and not this model in particular.

robot mowerThe schedule of your robot lawnmower can be programmed so your lawn is mowed during the day or night at a time convenient for you. A perimeter cable is fitted around your garden so the robot is able to stay within your lawn boundaries and can even negotiate pathways between multiple lawn areas. Charging time is usually under 2 hours and the mower will return to its garage when the battery is depleted or when scheduled mowing is completed. A robot lawnmower will keep your lawn in great condition and it does all the hard work for you.

Most robotic lawnmowers start at around £2,000. The high price often discourages consumers but if you normally pay £40 per month to have your lawn treated, the mower will pay for itself after 4 years. If you decide to make this long term investment, keep in mind the mower will also require periodical maintenance and servicing which can be expensive after the warranty has expired. You should also take into account the on-going electricity requirement to keep the robot lawnmower battery charged.

Many people worry about the theft of robot lawn mowers as they are an easy target for criminals due to their portability and light weight. Although theft is a concern, the likelihood is minimised by the use of a security pin code which renders the machine useless to thieves.


  • Scheduled mowing
  • Maintain your lawn with no effort
  • Ability to mow in the rain
  • Grass cut into small pieces works as a compost for your lawn
  • Some models are fitted with a GPS system to locate the machine in case of theft


  • Starting price is around £2,000
  • If a theft does occur, replacement is expensive
  • Random navigation means a traditional striped lawn is not possible
  • Cannot negotiate steep inclines or steps
  • On-going electricity usage
  • Children and pets must not interfere with the mower
  • Maintenance and servicing might be expensive after warranty expires


Fake Grass

Many people have dismissed the idea of an artificial lawn because it is not realistic and has an abrasive surface. Since fake grass was invented in 1965, developments have made the product child friendly, pet friendly and almost indistinguishable from natural grass at a distance.

fake grass lawnsFake grass can be installed on compacted soil and sand to replace an existing lawn or can be installed on any hard surface such as concrete, tarmac or decking. With mid-range fake grass from just £12 per square metre, anyone can enjoy an artificial lawn.



  • More expensive than natural turf, which is available from £4 per square metre

To maintain your garden lawn in good condition you need to water and mow regularly. Now you can enjoy a perfect lawn, save water and save energy with artificial grass. Contact us if you would like to receive free artificial grass samples.

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