Soft Play Area

soft play area

Children love playing outside. Artificial grass provides a safe, clean and durable solution for kids play time.

A natural grass lawn can be difficult to keep in good condition for kids play all year round as it gets muddy or overgrown. If you are a parent looking to create a child friendly garden or a nursery school that needs a child friendly outdoor space, artificial grass is the ideal solution. The surface is soft and comfortable for children to touch, sit, lie or walk on in bare feet. Many parents have commented how artificial grass provides a superior outdoor environment for children and it looks great too.

soft playRelax in the knowledge that your children have a safe play area in the garden with artificial grass. Depending on which artificial grass product you have installed, the soft synthetic surface can provide some protection against falls and reduce the likelihood of impact injury and abrasions. This is especially useful under swings, slides, climbing frames and other play equipment.

Soft Play At Home

In addition to the fore mentioned safety benefits, artificial grass can add value to your home. Modern artificial lawns are aesthetically pleasing, lush and realistic. They also save the environment with no need for watering, lawn treatment chemicals or mowing. Artificial grass therefore not only provides a soft play area for your children but also provides a beautiful lawn for your family to enjoy. When your children come inside from the garden there will be no muddy footprints but only fun times with artificial grass.

Soft Play for Nurseries

Nurseries recognise the need for a soft play area both indoors and outdoors. Many nurseries choose wet pour rubber for their play surface (wet pour is a wet mix of glue and shredded recycled rubber), which offers some impact absorption to protect children from falls. Artificial grass with an e-layer (shock pad underlay) can protect against falls up to three metre and provides a softer texture than wet pour. It also looks more realistic and is a much more cost effective flooring solution.

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