No Weedkiller Chemicals


Weed killing pesticides (or herbicides) are available in powder, sprays or mixed with fertiliser. It is almost impossible to achieve a weed free perfect lawn without the use of weed killers. Many products are poisonous and can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed, which means it is important to be careful when spraying. Weed killers can also be toxic so you should wear gloves to avoid contact with skin. Always read the label to ensure your safety.

When Spraying – Wear a Mask

faux grassExposure to weed killers can be life threatening. One of the ingredients used in herbicides is POEA (polyethoxylated tallowamine). This is a detergent made from animal fat that can penetrate the surface of plants, which makes weed killer much more effective. According to the publication “Environmental Health Sciences”, POEA can cause serious damage to human cells leading to birth defects in pregnant women. Furthermore, herbicides containing the chemical compound atrazine can cause DNA damage and cancer.

For these reasons, many people who spray weed killer choose to wear a respiratory mask (similar to a dust mask in appearance). These masks offer protection against inhalation of harmful chemicals. It is good to avoid using your lawn after applying weed killer; otherwise it is possible that you can willcome into contact with the chemical.

Avoid Weed Killer with Fake Grass

Many people apply herbicides to their garden grass in order to achieve a weed free lawn. With fake grass you can now have a perfect lawn and help the environment by avoiding toxic and poisonous chemicals. An artificial lawn is child friendly, pet friendly and looks just like natural grass at a distance. Contact us if you would like to receive free fake grass samples.

Environmental Health Information

The information relating to environmental health in this article was referenced from Wikipedia – Herbicide and Environmental Health Sciences – Weed killer kills human cells.

Fake grass is a simple way to avoid the need of weed killer.

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